Foreign language internships help students gain insight into working world

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Foreign language internships are a popular way of gaining an insight into the working world for students and recent graduates everywhere.

The idea of a foreign language internship is that an individual spends an allocated amount of time working within an organisation (usually a business or charity) with a view to gaining work experience, or, potentially, a job upon completing their studies.

Internships can either be paid or unpaid - many companies will either pay a small monthly stipend or, at the very least, cover any transport expenses.

After a string of positive experiences with interns, the Brighton-based internet translation agency swears by interns as hard working and intelligent workers, without the set ways and expectations of experienced staff. The company specialises in a variety of foreign language translations:

Spanish translation - from Spanish into English and vice versa. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages on Earth, with an estimated 400 million speakers. If you can't find one of these to help you, Translation Central certainly can!

Arabic translation - While the Middle East is a notoriously unsettled part of the world, there is a history of trade with Europe going back many hundreds of years. Once the trade was in treasures and jewels, while the Twenty First Century has been all about weaponry and black gold.

French translation - France is one of Britain's largest trading partners and Translation Central deals with many business-related translations to and from French.

Chinese translation - Mandarin is the most widely-spoken first language and is becoming increasingly relevant to international business as China flexes its muscles on the international stage. Demand for Chinese translation services has mushroomed in recent years.

Japanese translation - The last part of the Twentieth Century and start of the Twenty First have been difficult for Japan's economy. Only in mid-2006 were interest rates raised from 0%. That hasn't hindered the Japanese translation industry - Japanese is a notoriously difficult language to master and so people will always refer to experts.

German translation - Germany is another massive trading partner with the UK. This means there is a large amount of translation necessary - particularly for small UK based companies who may not have the necessary linguistic skills within their organisation.

An internship in Brighton would be perfect for anyone considering a London internship as the city is often called London by the Sea. This, however, is not a popular tag among locals and is rarely uttered in the East Sussex hotspot.

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