Four Challenges Faced By Families with Special Needs - How To Solve Them

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Parenting children with special needs is one of the most challenging sacrifices parents have to go through. The members of a family with special needs face several different challenges that might seem unimaginable to those who come from well-up families. in fact, to some extent, the family members living with disabilities lack an opportunity to socialize with the other people. For instance, when the others are going on holidays, the persons with disabilities are left at home making them feel less valued members of the family. In this article, we feature some of the challenges that are faced by families with special needs.

Lack of social amenities for Disabled Persons

In some societies, there are no social of disabled persons. for instance, if a disabled person loves to swim, you find that there are no swimming pools that can cater to the needs of the child. society needs to consider the persons living with disabilities as equal members of society. provide them with social amenities where they too can have fun. they should not be left behind when the other people are having so much fun. The schools too, need to set up playgrounds that suit the needs of the disabled people.

Limited Access to Basic Needs

Children from families with special needs are likely to face limited access to the most basic needs. This includes shelter, food, and health. Lack of shelter means that they cannot sleep well since they are living on premises with poor conditions. Some of these families lack enough income based on the disability that renders them unable to find a suitable job. Therefore, you might find that a metal bed frame with twin XL mattress is almost a vocabulary to the children who come from such backgrounds. From the time of birth, the children born in those families have never known what a bed is. They are forced to sleep on a simple mat laid on the floor.

The government and private organizations need to organize a way of enabling every member of the society to have access to basic needs. This should include access to good shelter as well as the sleeping conditions. They would also be happy sleeping in beds with side sleeper pillow.

Bullied by the Other Children

The children who come from families with special needs are much more likely to be bullied by the other children. This is because of understanding from their age mates who consider them less enabled persons in society. Therefore, when a child complains of an empty stomach, they become a laughing stock in class. This is a sad reality that children from families with special need face are not even allowed to contribute in class. When they argue a point, they are looked down upon and in some instances, the teachers are the perpetrators. The schools need to be encouraged to teach the children that disability is not an inability. This will helps to reduce the level of stigmatization children from less enabled backgrounds are undergoing.

Lack of Recognition From the Authorities

It is so sad that families with special needs have not received proper recognition from the community leaders. The reality is that they are too often considered less people in society and enjoy little representation at the lawmaking levels. Even those they elect into leadership positions will soon forget about these people. They end up using them to rise into positions and when they are there, they fail to deliver and focus on enriching themselves. The private sector alliances need to sound an alarm on this situation. They need to pressure the governments to consider these people as equal members of society. The leaders who have failed to fight for the rights of the less enabled people should not be elected to leadership positions again.

Stress and Depression

The families with special needs are facing serious challenges making them appear as unfortunate people in society. They are suffering stress and depression since they do not see anyone coming to their rescue. In other words, they are left to languish in poverty and hopelessness. Their future has been stolen from their hands leaving them stressed and in a deep depression. They are in need of guidance and counseling and require immediate rescue to avoid further damage to their livelihood.

Families with special needs should not be seen as less fortunate. They should be empowered so that they are able to feed their children and afford their basic needs. The Government together with the private sector should join hands in making this a reality.

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